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Why Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day…

Do you wear green on St Patrick’s Day? I did on March 15th. Why, you might ask…my answer is because St. Patrick’s Day is my birthday and it’s also my mother-in-law’s birthday and my paternal grandmother’s birthday. And we celebrated on Sat, March 15th. But I’m celebrating today, too, on the actual St. Patrick’s Day. But on Sat. my mother-in-law celebrated her 90th birthday. I’ll leave you to imagine which one I celebrated!

But, back to green; why wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. Some say it’s because Ireland is called the “emerald isle” and others say it’s because green is one of the colors on Ireland’s flag. Still others say the the green color is a result of the fact that St. Patrick used a shamrock (green) to explain the trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) to converts to Christianity. Whatever the reason, it has become a well entrenched custom that started back in the 1680’s.

Irish shamrock


St. Patrick’s Day actually commemorates the death of Patrick on March 17, 461 AD. For a more extensive insight into the person of St. Patrickyou can read this except written by Kathie Walters that I posted a few years ago on another of my blogs.

Whatever the reason for wearing green, I kind of like it, don’t you? It turns my birthday into a real celebration!