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Starting Over…

Don’t you just hate to start over? I do. But sometimes it’s the only thing to do.

So today I’m starting over with a completely new blog on a completely new site. It has taken me this long to figure out how to set up a website/blog on WordPress. Embarrassing!

But on the other hand, no action brings no results. Conversely action does bring results. Hopefully that will mean getting our story into the homes, hands and hearts of more people. That’s really the bottom line. God called us to walk through dark days of despair and we came out on the other side, still loving Him, loving each other and loving those around us. That’s why I’m starting over. If just one person is profoundly touched by our story, it will be worth it.

Bombing in Boston, explosions in Texas, children who simply disappear…all of these things are part of the world we live in today. Perhaps our story will help someone who is walking through despair, get to the other side with hope in their heart.

What’s so special about us? Nothing, really. We’re no different than you. But we have had a different set of experiences, life lessons, privileges, challenges. With God’s help and the power of His Spirit living in us, we have grown, sometimes with 2 steps back and 1 forward, but nevertheless, we’ve grown. Perhaps what we share will bring a unique perspective to what you’re going through. We hope so. And we hope it will be helpful.

Welcome to Aloha is Forever!