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6 Minutes a Day that Will Change Your Marriage!

It’s blessing time! Two years ago we decided to have our second
cup of coffee and our (at least) 6 minute prayer time at 10:00 AM.

It was a good decision!

It came as a result of doing a Covenant Marriage course put out
by Family Foundations International. As we went through the
study, we decided we needed a more productive prayer time; one
in which we blessed each other instead of just interceding
together on behalf of others.

We analyzed our schedule and decided that bedtime was not a
good time for us. Too often we dropped off to sleep before our
prayer was finished. So although we had prayed together almost
every single night for 40 years, we decided to make a change.

So coffee time at around 10 AM became our time to bless each
other and pray together. It’s not always right at 10 and some
days it doesn’t get done at all but it has now become habit.

Our grandson usually arrives at about that time, too, since I
am his homeschool teacher. He inevitably storms through the
door asking, “Have I missed the blessing?” And usually he
manages to get his blessing first. That means a lot to us and
to him. He plunks himself down on the couch between us and his
grandfather blesses him.

Then it’s our turn. Let me say that this particular format for the
“6 minute prayer” is not original with us. We heard it first from a
couple who modeled it at a conference we were attending. I’m not sure
where it originally came from but this is how we do it.

1. Ask forgiveness. Always starting with the husband, he asks 
forgiveness for anything he perceives he has done to offend his 
wife. (But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wait until 
then to do this.)

2. Express thanks. Thank God for qualities you see in your 
spouse’s life. It’s a challenge to come up with “new” insights 
for this but we have fun with it. 

3. Give a blessing. Bless your spouse by agreeing with God’s 
word and what it says about them and who they are in Christ as 
well as the resources available to them through the power of 
the Holy Spirit.

After the husband finishes, then it’s the wife’s turn.

This process doesn’t take very long and we usually tack on some
intercession for people we know or situations we are aware of
that need God’s intervention, healing or resolution from the Lord.

That’s it, folks. This gave our marriage a whole new
perspective and “new life” when we started doing it. We
recommend it to everyone.

We had always heard the concept of “keeping short accounts” and
this is a very practical way to accomplish that. In other
words, don’t let situations or perceived hurts fester. Ask
forgiveness right away. When you do this daily, you’ll be
amazed at how freeing it is.

Your time doesn’t have to be the same as ours. Just find
a time that works for you. It’s only 6 minutes!

You can find out more about the ministry of Family Foundations
International here.

by Sharon Reece

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