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Christmases Past

One of the gifts our son John left behind was a journal he started when he was a freshman in college. The first year he was there, we were still in the US and he was able to come home to Dallas for Christmas.

Here is an excerpt from his journal:

“Well, it is the day after Christmas and I am in Dallas…

Christmas was wonderful. We all had dinner over at Grandmom and Granddad’s, along with Karen and Jim. I got a good, big book backpack from Mom and Dad. Krista got a guitar from them and a good camera from Grandpa (or is it Grampa?)

On Friday and Saturday I worked my first official job ever. I demonstrated a digital camera at Best Buy. I hope I never have to do anything like that again. It was very boring, and I felt quite foolish, and I think it was a total waste of time. I would rather do something that appears to be useful and not just a waste of money for the employer.”

It was important to John to have close ties with family. As my daughter wrote recently in one of her blog posts, we were close as a family (and still are) because we only had each other. There was no option of other extended family members nearby.

That first Christmas after John started college was a significant one. He was experiencing many new things – travel home on his own from Chicago to Dallas – his first real job for an outside employer – reuniting with family for the first time since college started.

And our daughter Krista, was also home from her college in CA. So we were altogether again for the holidays.

During that trip home, we enjoyed many family traditions, baking cookies together, opening gifts on Christmas morning as a family, soaking in being together again, etc. And as an added gift to us, it snowed enough to go out and build a snowman. After many years in the tropics where the temperature is an average of 85 degrees and the humidity 85% year round, having enough snow to romp and play in was a real novelty, even though it had already snowed where John was going to school.

And even though John felt like his job of demo-ing the first digital cameras was a complete waste of someone’s money, he was there at the cutting edge of technology! If he could have looked ahead and seen what that technology was going to do to change our world, he might not have thought of it quite that way. It still seems strange that digital camera technology was introduced not that long ago. How far we’ve come since then!

Check this out for a little bit of digital camera history from the Canon Camera history museum:

Canon Digital camera in 1996

Thinking back on that Christmas, I’m so grateful for those memories. Other Christmases fade in my memory, but not that one. Thank you, John, for recording it.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear about your Christmas memories too.

Sharon Reece

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